Ten Easy Ways to Find Joy in Every Day

February 2, 2023
2:00 - 2:45 p.m.
Part of Dal's 3rd annual Wellness Day

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We all have hard and difficult days and that’s okay, but even in those hard days, there can be joy. Join us as we explore ways to find joy in quiet ways – in the every day. Joy doesn’t have to be found in big, happy moments, but in the small things we can do for ourselves. Come learn what you can try to find your own joy in the every day.

About our Presenter: Mary-Eleanor Power is the Director of Marketing & Communications for the Faculty of Open Learning & Career Development, but her most important title is that of ‘Mama’ to her 5 year-old son, Jerry. Her life may not be that different from many of the others who work at the university. With a list of full-time duties in front of her each day, managing calendars, workloads, meal prep, and more, Mary-Eleanor, like many of us, can get wrapped up in the busyness and challenge of each day and can sometimes neglect to find the joyful moments. They evade us and sometimes joyful moments are hard to create. Mary-Eleanor will walk you through how she creates and finds these moments for herself and how they help end those challenging days with sighs of joyful relief.