Learn Faster, Remember Longer

June 14 and 15, 2022 (2-part program)
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

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Learning fast and retaining new learning is crucial now, with increases in uncertainty and the need for fast adaption to change.

Our clever brains are easily bored and distracted. Learn to use short, concentrated learning sessions which start with understanding the big picture first. Then let the details illustrate the key points.

Focus on how the information interacts with what you already know.  Generate questions and answers to embed your new learning. Your long-term memory has an infinite capacity and is a wonderful resource. Learn how to work with its reminder and re-creation process.


  • Read Faster and Mind Map your Notes
  • Keep facts, dates, numbers, and details at your fingertips
  • See mistakes as opportunities for creativity & problem solving
  • Manage spaced repetition to consolidate your learning
  • Adapt the Mind Map technique to boost your productivity
  • Take a more effective approach to multitasking
  • Use 9 ways to Reduce Forgetting
  • Listen with your Brain in Mind
  • Shift Your Focus from Being Good to Getting Better

This workshop is recommended for professionals with a heavy workload and a busy life. It is particularly useful for people about to add a course of study to their workload. Or for those who have found that their memory is not as dependable as it used to be. It will help you learn quickly and work more effectively with your fantastic memory.

OUR PRESENTER: Eileen Pease is President of Dynamic Learning Inc., a company devoted to helping key people be more effective. As a facilitator she has led executive, supervisory, and management groups across Canada and the United States. Eileen loves to show people how they inadvertentlydeplete, but then can deliberately energize, their brains, particularly when they are at work.She has 30 years of experience teaching thinking and interpersonal skills in the workplace. Recently she tapped into the most recent research on brains-at-work to write the 2nd edition of her book “Get More Power from Your Brain”. In July 2015, Eileen was delighted to be awarded her *Certified Speaking Professional medal at the US National Speakers Association conference in Washington, DC, USA.


This course was fantastic!  There were so many things to learn and to apply. I really enjoyed the mind map.  I am going to apply that to the goal setting that I am doing for the new year to make it easier for me to recall and remember my goals easily.  Also looking forward to applying the mind map to the books I read.  You do a great job at making the course interactive.  I was glued to the material from the beginning both because the material was interesting and you are an engaging presenter.  Diana Mark, CPA, CA, Manitoba

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the course.  Over the past 3 weeks, I have been recollecting so much of the material you shared and am finding it extremely useful. I have incorporated the techniques in my daily functions and am already seeing the benefits. The mind map has helped with my planning and organization. And understanding the levels of memory and our reminder and recreation system has enabled me to truly learn faster and remember longer. Kelly Hodsoll   CPA, Bermuda