Leadership Foundations

Part 1: January 26
Part 2: January 31
Part 3: February 2

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Overview: The objective of this program is for participants to identify their individual leadership advantage and build confidence in their own authentic approach. The three parts workshop provide a concrete and comprehensive method to gain self-awareness and confidence to be an effective leader: increasing initiative, improving individual performance and impact on others, and building people skills for more motivational interaction.

Outcomes: The program will provide participants with a compass to channel their strengths to work authentically with their own leadership style. They will gain confidence, focus, and the ability to accelerate actions to achieve more. This program will help resolve the challenges for participants trying to imitate other leaders rather than being themselves. They will be further equipped with rapport building skills by listening to others’ needs and interests, understanding differences, and finding common ground.

Facilitator: Lisa Tilley (Partner, Uprise Consulting)

Lisa Tilley collaborates with leaders of organizations who focus on improving their business or organizational success through strategic focus and leadership development. With over 30 years’ experience in the areas of performance management, building unique value and advantage, training and development, and management and leadership coaching, Lisa brings extensive knowledge, energy, focus and commitment to each of her projects. Lisa’s educational background includes: Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management (University of Notre Dame); MBTI Step I and Step II Certified Practitioner (Psychometrics Canada); Management Development Certificate (MSVU / Saint Mary’s University, Halifax); Master Course Conductor Trainer and Personal Trainer (ACE); BPE (Dalhousie University, Halifax); Teaching Certificate; Level III National Coaching Certification.