Purchasing Card Program: Getting Started - Online Microsoft Teams

January 6th - 10:00am

Register here so you can be invited to a MS Teams meeting closer to the date.

The Procurement Department will be offering an information session for the Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program.  The information session is mandatory before you can receive a P-Card but is open for to everyone who would like more information on how the P-Card system works.

The P-Card System is designed to streamline the process for day-to-day, low dollar value purchasing and eliminates the necessity of generating Purchase Orders.  Charges are paid directly by the University on a monthly basis.

A P-Card is issued to an individual and can only be used by that person, if your department requires more than one person to make purchases, please apply for separate cards in each person’s name.

In order to qualify for a P-Card, you must be an employee of the University, and receive approval from your Unit Authority/Department Head.  Complete the Cardholder Application and email to pcard@dal.ca   Once an application is approved, the card takes approximately working 10 days to arrive.

 Instructor: Sheri Crews