Summer Competency Camp 2018

Summer Competency Camp

Strengthen Your Core

Ready to get into the best shape of your life? Then it’s time to strengthen your CORE. Your Dal Core Competency skills, that is.

Practicing these mental muscles will ensure that you continue to sprint forward in your professional development. This is CORE competency camp – it's hands-on training designed to close skill gaps and strengthen your core competencies. Training camp runs for 6 weeks from July 16 - August 24.

You can register at any time during the 6 week Training Camp.

You will receive weekly camp updates featuring learning activities targeted at three levels.

READY:   Recommended video courses to close core competency gaps.

SET:         Single topic quick learn reference material, core competency aligned.

GO:         Tools to assist in core competency skill application on the job. 

Each week you will be introduced to different learning resources for each of the 7 Dal Core Competencies. Don't worry if you miss a week - you will still get all the camp activity information and can complete the training at your own pace.  Dont't miss out on going to camp. Register now for Summer Comptency Camp 2018. 

Once you are registered you will receive the weekly list of learning activities with direct links to the Skillsoft Online Learning resources. The list includes previous weeks so you will be up-to-date with all camp training activities regardless of when you register.

In the meantime ensure that you can login to Skillsoft Online Learning so you are camp ready.

Login to Skillsoft Online Learning -

Skillsoft requires a unique user ID that is generated by Talent Management within the first two weeks of your employment at Dal. If you do not know your unique ID please go to Skillsoft Online Learning and use the “forgot your user ID” link. When entering your e-mail address, use your Net ID e-mail address (e.g. Skillsoft does not recognize any other e-mail address you may use. If you have never accessed Skillsoft before try Welcome or welcome as your password(it may be case sensitive depending on when you were entered into the system). If you have customized your password and forget what it is use the “forgot your password” link to set a new one - noting again to enter your Net ID e-mail address (e.g. If you need further support please contact 494-1115.