Integrating Technology into Your Teaching Practice (CLT)

Technology impacts teaching practice and this course will help facutly with strategies to increase the benifits of that impact.  This studio course will begin by addressing foundational decisions regarding when to use technology and for what reasons in one's teaching practice.

By the end of the studio course, participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate any educational technology through hands-on experience;
  • Apply any technology in the design of a course activity, module, or other related part of teaching practice;
  • Explain choice of educational technology based on considerations of purpose of activity, learning outcomes, and learner characteristics in selection process;
  • Identify the rationale and benefits attributed to integrating technology with learning activities;
  • Identify challenges and risks associated with implementing technologies in learning activities.

Participants will choose a project that applies to their practice.  The idea is to appropriately select a technology that will benefit an element of one’s practice.  Participants will submit their rationale for the project in an online repository and then present the results of their work to the other course attendees during the last session.  This will be a blended delivery and take approximately 6 weeks to complete.  Participants are welcome to attend from all campus locations remotely. 


Faculty who are not a part of the certificate program at this time are welcome to attend any of the sessions in any way they see beneficial.  Only faculty who need this course to count towards their certificate are required to complete all elements outlined in the schedule.


The capacity of this studio course will be 20 participants.  Participants are expected to bring a browser enabled device.  Those participating will be expected to attend all sessions and complete all mandatory online activates.  All weeks will have online components.  Participants may spend more time beyond what is in the expected time column depending on their project topic and digital competency.  Week 6 will only occur if registration is higher than 10, otherwise everyone is expected to present on April 16.  Here is a summary of the course calendar: