Pain Support: You are not your pain

November 8, 2017
12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
Room 1107, Mona Campbell

Part of Dalhousie's Working with Pain Initiative

Come join colleagues in sharing experiences working in pain, suggestions for resources, and support with others who understand.

In this session, Darren will discuss his experiences with working with people in pain to create an active, or more active, lifestyle and also his own experiences with chronic pain. The goal of the session is to give people alternative solutions/skills to live an active lifestyle. (paradoxical relaxation, mindfulness, exercises and more)

Our Presenter:

Darren Steeves (MSC, CSCS, CEP) is passionate about improving the total health of our community. Darren is a professional Exercise Physiologist and Co-Owner of Vendura Wellness started after working at Dalhousie University for 12 years. He has consulted with Olympic Medalists, World Champion athletes, and within corporations for over 20 years. Darren has written for Men's Health, Canadian Living and numerous media outlets, as well as appearances on CBC-TV, CBC-Radio and CTV.