Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Having Non-Defensive Conversations

October 5, 2017 (Full-day Foundations plus 8-week practical application)
Room 307, Student Union Building (excluding October 26 session, please see below)

At the heart of every conversation is the attempt to meet a need. When challenging conversations arise, it is our instinctive nature to defend and protect ourselves from what is often heard as blame and negative judgement or an unwanted message. What exactly are we defending? Why does judgement trigger our defensive mechanism?

This learning experience will provide you with tools to identify your needs behind the issue and, as a result, develop enhanced interpersonal connections and positive communication experiences. The program will focus on getting to the heart of conversations by turning blame and judgement into honest conversations where everyone's needs are heard and respected, enhancing the quality of your conversations and your relationships.

You will leave with:

- A greater sense of self-awareness about how your communication impacts others
- Tools to slow down your reactions and increase your empathy
- Problem-solving techniques for moving through challenging situations
- An ability to understand natural defensive responses and provide empathic responses and actions
- Enhanced skills in handling challenging conversations and daily interactions

Program Format:
This intensive learning opportunity consists of one full-day foundations session and eight weekly half-days of practical application.


October 5th (9:00am to 4:00pm)


1:00 - 4:00 on the following dates:

October 12
October 19
October 26 - meeting in room 521, Collaborative Health Education Building (CHEB) This session only
November 2
November 9
November 16
November 23
November 30

Individuals who attend all sections of this program will receive a certificate of completion.

What others said about Getting to the Heart of the Matter:
"I came out of this time with a more open view of the people I meet. More willing to really listen to what is being said. Not so quick to start framing my response even before the speaker has finished."

"Leanne is an engaging facilitator who is extremely knowledgeable in the process of non-violent communication.  I was able to put into practice the weekly teachings both in my personal and professional lives."

Can you really afford to NOT attend?

Our Presenter: Leanne Whiting - CPC (Certified Professional Coach) is a Life Coach and Yoga teacher with over 14 years of experience in the field of education, coaching and facilitation.   Leanne is renowned for inspiring groups with her natural enthusiasm and passion for personal empowerment for a greater purpose.  She skillfully helps individuals and groups dive deep into personal inquiry with a focus on communication and understanding oneself as a solid foundation for understanding others.  Her practices fuse mindful techniques that serve in a subtle alignment of the body, deep inquiry and discovery of the mind, and a playful enthusiasm of the heart to create optimal balance and positive change in their lives. Visit her at