Skillsoft Online Learning

Dalhousie's Skillsoft Online Learning

With SkillSoft’s online learning program, you can access a diverse library of content. Over 3000 courses cover a wide variety of subject matter to meet the learning needs of all Dalhousie employees—from workplace skills development to highly technical topics.  A sampling of topics range from Managing Your Email to Workplace Conflict to Leadership Essentials to Formatting Cells and Formulas in Excel. Courses, along with their associated job aids and skill briefs can be used as reference tools to help answer your day-to-day on-the-job questions or as part of your professional and personal development. 

Courses are available at any time from any computer. For information and course suggestions from Dalhousie's Skillsoft Online Learning section of Human Resources please visit:

To login to the Skillsoft site visit:

Note: All Dalhousie employees have been sent a unique username and password. 

If you have misplaced your Skillsoft specific log in information please go to Skillsoft Online Learning and use the “forgot your user ID” link. If you have never accessed Skillsoft before use Welcome or welcome as your password (it may be case sensitive depending on when you were entered into the system).  If you have customized your password and forget what it is use the “forgot your password” link to set a new one. Please note that Skillsoft uses your Net ID e-mail address (e.g. If you need further support please contact 494-1115.